Innovative solutions for automotive industry

The NFC market in the automotive industry is rapidly emerging, driven by services like car sharing, corporate fleet management, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi pairing and the demand for personalization inside the car
. Further use cases, such as car access and engine start via NFC-enabled smartphones in addition to traditional car keys are also in development.

Automotive NFC can connect vehicles and car keys to portable devices and infrastructure, opening up the possibility for a broad range of connectivity innovations, for example, payment services or connected displays.

Kronegger make this solution working and ready for industrial use. Based on the experience and capabilities inside our company we ensure that the requirements of our customers are fulfilled and that the quality and required processes are met

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. This guarantees that the solution will be ready for the market.


Key features and benefits:

  • NFC functionality based on customer requirements
  • Software engineering and NFC functionality compliant with standards
  • Easy integration and interface with automotive requirements (CAN, LIN,…)

Key applications:

  • NFC Car access
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Pairing
  • Car sharing