We enable Secure NFC Systems on Chip

Kronegger provides portable firmware for NFC systems on chip

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. The NFC functionality implemented with a rich interoperability is supported by interfaces to contactless frontend, secure elements as well as NCI and HCI host interfaces.

Mobile NFC devices such as smartphones and tablets require a complete chain of NFC connectivity between contactless front-end and user apps . Kronegger NFC Firmware offers NCI interface directly to Stollmann NCI or Android NCI stack or an easy to use API for direct integration to the customer application.

This enables NFC Systems to integrate seamless into device operating systems like Android, Linux and Windows.

  • NFC Forum compliant (Reader-Writer, Card Emulation, Peer to Peer)
  • Memory optimized solution
  • Modular and flexible solution, easy to adopt and port to customer requirements
  • Standardized NCI interface or Kronegger API
  • Firmware can run on most microcontrollers or under Linux